GREAT Mailing Lists

GREAT Mailing Lists

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Announcements to all GREAT members


Great Steering Committee

Mailing lists to support the activities of the working groups will be set up in due course.

The mailing lists are archived to allow for previous posting to be viewed.

Mailing List Software Choices:

as a small aside - we are looking at which s/w to implement powering the mailing lists. The general announcement lists above are hosted by the University of Cambridge and use 'Mailman'.

For the working groups, a different solution is required becuase only Cambrdge users can administer the Cambridge hosted lists. Thus for the working group lists, a mailing list server will be set up on the GREAT servers.

Main choice seems to be between Mailman and Sympa - see a recent study by UCDavis (Sept 2009) who go for Sympa.

Apple provide their bespoke version of Mailman with Snow Leopard server.

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